Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trick or Meat

It's the week of Halloween
And everyone's scared
Except for my brother,
We're all unprepared

For on this coming Thursday
Many knocks will be heard
From small, dressed-up children
Repeating their words

We'll hear "trick or treat"
Every three seconds or so
We'll give them some cavities
So that they'll just GO

Every year I put up with it
Redeeming money for junk
Forced to give it away
To the high schooler punks

Well this year is different
I'm fighting "The Man"
Instead of free candy,
I'll give them some ham

Handing out lunch meat is great!
They'll be in for a surprise!
They asked for a trick,
So I'll give chicken thighs

Maybe some dino-nuggets
Or a fat leg of lamb
And for the really bad kids,
I'll give them old spam

Bologna and tofu
And frankfurter too
They really should thank me
For the ole' switcheroo

Hot dogs for Hershey's
Roast beef for the Reese's
I'll get a good laugh,
They'll explode into pieces

Oh, this Halloween,
Will be one to remember
If your kid comes to my house,
They'll have meat through November

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