Friday, July 26, 2013


5 Things You Can Make With Paper (an Illistrated Guide)

     Just click on TARDIS to go get one for yourself. It'll take a little work, but I personally think that it's worth it.

2. This Spiky Ball... Thing (Great Stellated Dodecahedron)

     I spent about half an hour trying to make this thing, and I'm going to share my mistakes so that you don't make them as well. For one, don't try and make a small one. The bigger, the better. It may use more paper and ink, but when it's small each step is painstakingly difficult. 

     Make sure you have glue that actually works. The glue stick I was using was probably a deffective one from the Dollar Store, and the glue didn't hold it in place. This made me resort to tape, which made the end result look kinda like it's supposed to, but with some confrontation with a pack of five year olds somewhere in the making.

     As with the TARDIS, just follow the link embeded in the title.

3. Mobius Strip

4. Blow-racer

5. A Rock

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