Hey, I'm Tylan. Well, Tylan Mitchell, in case you may have been wondering. I guess this is just my blog-of-sorts. Browse around if you want. Not forcing you to. Unless, of course, that's what it takes to get you to do things. If that's the case, I hereby command you to go procrastinate.

Please refrain from commenting anything with profanity. It's difficult for me to moderate comments, and I'd appreciate the extra effort.

Should you have questions or comments you wish to make directly to me, I suggest three different forms of communication.

1. Locate me on Disqus or I Waste So Much Time. I'm always there.
2. Send me a carrier pigeon. Should it actually locate me, I'll give you an infinite amount of brownie points in my non-existent store.
3. Email me at mitchthenerd1 @ gmail.com