Friday, May 2, 2014

Doctor Batman

In a post of long ago, I used Venn diagrams to come to the unavoidable conclusion that the BBC's Doctor of Doctor Who is Batman. However, that opinion was derived from four simple facts, which in this modern world, simply isn't enough to convince people of anything. So for your persuasion and viewing pleasure, here's a list of their striking similarities.

  1. Wicked sweet technology
  2. Assistant has a British accent
  3. Shrouded by mysteries
  4. Changes appearance
  5. Enemy comes back no matter how many freakin' times he beats them
  6. Unique and utilitarian mode of transport
  7. Love interests don't seem to last too long (and when they do, they're ridiculously confusing)
  8. Tends to be associated with one color
  9. Special tool[s]
  10. Not many people know real name
  11. Don't like to use weapons
  12. Avoid killing when they can
  13. Several reboots
  14. Some actors beloved way more than others
  15. Never has been a ginger
  16. Parents...?
  17. Breaks laws to stop people from breaking laws
  18. Gruff on the outside, compassionate on the inside
  19. Would rather run around and help people than lead a normal lifestyle
  20. Tends to appear and disappear from lives
  21. An enemy is a "Master"
  22. Title does not fully describe occupation
Of course, there are many things I missed, so feel free to comment and leave suggestions, and I'll update this list to match whatever it is you feel fits (but, of course, there's not anyone who will read this, let alone comment on it).

Goodnight from the Mountain Time Zone.

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  1. 23. Both exist in our universe