Friday, September 20, 2013


I am not anti-OCD.

My school is.

My family is living in the Salt Lake City area, and since I'm still young, I attend the local high school. I already don't like this school, since for one, the student body is twice the size of my last school. I loved that prior place, and will always be a bulldog (mascot). This school takes the enemy of the dog and tries to make it seem threatening by calling it the panther. Next off, since this district is rich, the kids here are snobs when they talk about their school over other ones. It's stupid.

Also, they have the weirdest vocabulary. In everybody else's book, purposely missing a class is called "skipping" or "ditching" class. Here? "Oh yeah, I totally sluffed English today."


Urban dictionary (oh yes, the world's most "reliable" website) will back me up, too. Sluff.

Essentially, what this all boils down to is that this school has a number of reasons that I don't like it, the largest being it isn't Nampa High.

But recently I have acquired a whole new reason that disturbs me, even though I don't have OCD.

The hallways of my school are decorated with the following pattern on the ground, made up out of tiles.

Yes, I DID just make this in Minecraft.
This pattern is repeated all the way down every single hallway, all 4 floors of the school. This pattern is repeated with perfection every single time.


There is a single spot on the third floor where the tiles do THIS.

Do you see the problem?


I will place them side by side for you.


Every other day I walk by this, and I might as well be walking on coals. I'm not a grammar Nazi, or a walking spell-check, and I don't even correct other people's math (ok, on occasion).

But this tile mistake BURNS me. Who was the construction worker/carpenter that created this monstrosity? WHO??

I could go on, but I'll stop, because it pains me to have that blatant mistake staring me in the face.

Blech. I need to go purge myself.

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