Monday, August 26, 2013

Life Update

Yuck. I hate to do this. The very phrase "life update" presents images of sobbing women while watching Jane Austen movies, or the feeling you get when watching Sarah McLaughlin commercials. Guilt and sadness.

Of course, you might not see it this way. Maybe it's just a personal delusion, and I'm being completely unrealistic. I mean, this entire blog was created in a futile and sad attempt to make my life sound interesting. So why should "life updates" be any different?

I think the main reason behind this belief is that my life by itself, holds no real entertainment value. I can hardly force humor and storyline into my dry life, so embellishing makes it more interesting than it actually is. Life updates, in my minds eye, are boring but necessary details I need to share in order to keep friends from places-once-lived up to date.

Alright. Enough stalling.

I've mentioned this before, but due to my present living arrangements, I don't have regular piano access. This is akin to taking a sunflower and putting it in a sensory deprivation chamber, or taking a person and shoving them into a cardboard box with no light or water. Yes, in that order.

I'll try to put in as much time with the ivories as I can when I sluff* off to seminary during lunch, but twenty minutes per day hardly cuts it for me. I need to be doing something with music that isn't listening to Pandora while I edit comics.

*Sluff is the term that students here in Utah use instead of the normal "ditch" or "skip."

I found a guitar in the house. In the Legend of Zelda games when Link opens a large chest, you hear this noise:

This is exactly what I heard in my head when I found the guitar.

Two and a half weeks later, I have the calluses to prove that I'm putting time and effort into that instrument. The only downside that I've been able to identify so far is that when I play the piano, I feel like it can sense that I'm cheating on it with another instrument.

School has started up again. Sadly, this means that on top of the fact that I'm a slacker, I have a limited amount of time to create stuff for you to feed your eyes with (by the way, this is how I'm going to say reading from now on).

If I start to write less than I already don't, I apologize for the inconvenience. I promise I'll try to keep writing, just in case there are a couple people who actually want to read this.

Peace off.

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