Monday, August 12, 2013

Reasons to Hate People

     Me and my little brother had been planning to go to this conference-meeting type of event for the past week or so. He wasn't too ecstatic about participating, but I'd been to things like this before and was ready to go participate in the awesomeness.

     The location and time had been announced, and we were on our way to the building that the event was allegedly to be held in. 

     Our drivers hardly knew where the place was, since they were avoiding the usage of Google Maps like the plague. After meandering around the crowded and confusing Avenues for half an hour, we finally located the building. Not a single car was there

     This conference is extremely popular, and draws people in from everywhere within a thirty mile radius. The meeting had been in the works for the past three months, and was highly anticipated by many individuals.

     And there were no cars.

     We banged on all the doors and windows like a zombie horde hyped up on Red Bulls. After finally finding a single door that was open, we found one flier inside that said that the location had changed to a different building across town, and an hour earlier.

     This is my first example.

     I have yet to attain my learners permit, and finally made the trek to the DMV to attain it. I took any online practice test I could find after reading the entirety of the drivers' handbook, and scoured the website for any information that the DMV had on requirements for getting the permit.

     Essentially, the only papers that the website said were required was a copy of your birth certificate, proof of address, and rote memorization of what your SSN is.

     That is what the website said. THIS is what they asked for at the DMV. They wanted the original birth certificate, three proofs of address, your actual social security card, a W-2 form specifically made out to Michael Jackson, six adolescent whales, and your firstborn son. How was I supposed to know?

     I took the walk of shame out of the building, not knowing the requirements of so many sea-mammals and children. Now I need to take an illegal whale hunting spree. This is very inconvenient.

     This is why I don't trust people and their communication skills.

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