Friday, August 2, 2013

List of Lists

     Last week it was requested that I do a list of lists.

     Here it is, "Anonymous."

5 Lists That I Would Like to Do

1. Things That Should Become Olympic Sports

     A couple things that would end up on here would be my dad's herculanean feat of grocery cart darts, and possibly marbles (done with bowling balls).

2. Ways To Get Thrown Out of Wal-Mart

     Truth be told, if I made this list, many of the items on it could most likely be found online already. However, it would be my favorite ways. For example, grab a plastic grocery sack, stuff a personal item in it, wave it over your head, and then run for the exit saying, "We got it!!! Run for it!!"

3. Weird Things That Are Inexplicably On My Bucket List

     No, none of the Wal-Mart things are on this list. A lot of it would be giving into my primal instinct of imitating the stupid things I've seen on YouTube.

4. Things You Can Do With a Book, Other Than Actually Reading It

     That would, indeed, be the name of the list. Also, it'd probably be illistrated, since I had quite a bit more fun than I predicted with the last one I did.

5. Stupid Things I Did When I Was Younger

     Who was the kid who tried to ride his bike off of some scrap wood on the side of a busy street? THIS one.

     You've been given a unique opportunity, this week. Instead of those horrid essay questions you got in High School, it's now multiple choice. You could simply choose one of the lists above, and I'd be more than happy to do it.


  1. Do all of them!!!!!

  2. Stupid things I Did When I was Younger sounds the most hilarious