Friday, July 5, 2013


     Despite what my imaginary readers probably think, I do things besides write stories. Not that many of you think that.

     However, I guess I do spend a fair amount of time thinking about this kind of stuff. Even so, It did not make it onto my list of...

Five Nerdy-ish Hobbies

1. Piano

     When I have an actual piano on hand[s], I spend a fair amount of my time tinkering around on the keys. In fact, a lot more time then I think would be socially acceptable.

2. Reading

     Most people my age turn and run when they hear this bit, but I LOVE to read. I'll read most anything, actually. Except for historical fiction. I absolutely detest historical fiction.

3. Jigsaw Puzzles

     I like to attribute my juvenile intelligence to my mass obsession with jigsaw puzzles. I did them as often as I could, and still do.

     These puzzle projects would always be with family members, so it was almost competitive puzzle building. It was of the highest honor to put in the last piece, so I started out with taking one piece and stowing it in my pocket early on in the puzzle, so that I would be guaranteed that awesome feeling of being the finisher.

4. Drafting/Drawing

     You probably couldn't tell by my earlier horrendous drawing, but I really do enjoy doodling and sketching. I've done my own fair share of art projects.

     Drafting is basically drawing, but with computer programs such as AutoCAD. I've learned to seriously enjoy myself while using the programs.

5. Learning

     Many people would argue me on this, but the way I do it, it practically is a hobby.

     The Dewey Decimal system, as you may know, is a library organization system, dividing nonfictional books by subject.

     1-99.999 is the informational texts, but the more specific area is the 30's area. I've read every and any book in that range, because they are the trivia books.

     Moffat's Sherlock would disagree with me for filling my head with useless knowledge, but I can't help it. They are the awesome books.

     Alright, as always, thanks for reading, and I am still more than happy to hear any suggestions for next week's list topic.

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