Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Movies

     First and foremost, I think I'm going to implement a new tradition. Since it's been a while since the previous ones were said, I'll just give the full list here.

  1. No posts on Sundays
  2. Lists on Friday
  3. Saturday Sketches
     Basically, with Saturday Sketches, I'm going to attempt to post doodles/comic things on Saturdays. More than likely, this plan will crash and burn (like most everything else I do). Despite this fact, I will attempt to try it, since it's hard enough to keep people interested on this site without the pictures. 

     Secondly, as today is Friday, it's time for a list. 

5 Movies That I've Watched This Summer (Things You Should Go Watch. Like, Right Now)

     Probably my favorite Super Man movie. For those who know me, this doesn't say much, since I've only seen one other. Regardless, it was still pretty awesome.

     Out of all the movies I've watched for a looong time, this one is probably my favorite. I really enjoyed the acting, some of the effects were pretty rad, and it made you think. Not in an Inception kind of way, but a decent level of thought can be put into it. When it was described to me at first, it sounded like Ocean's 11, but with magicians. However, that was just a single part of it, and it didn't really derail the fact that this was a pretty good film.

     Not a new one, I know. But I just barely watched it this past summer while in Arizona. I was skeptical, since it sounded like (and was) zombie Romeo & Juliet, but with my bizarre sense of humor, I got away with enjoying it.

     I'm a hardcore Pixar fan. I've spent countless hours pouring over the facts from their movies on IMDb, I've watched all the shorts at least three times, and they have this magical effect of making it easy to memorize the script. 

     This film wasn't exactly up to par with my other favorite Pixar movies (e.g. Wall-E, Up), but at least it wasn't awful like Cars 2. THAT one, just flat out sucked (sorry to the fans).

     I'll be brutally honest with you. This wasn't my favorite movie. I think part of it has to do with the fact that I watched Warm Bodies before I saw this, which made me much more judge mental of... um... that one guy's acting. Yeah.

     It was alright, despite the fact that some where in the back of my mind, I was being nagged that the prince was a freakin' jedi, and should've been much more ninja than the zombie dude.

     Feel free to leave your comments below. For example, you could tell me what movies you saw, or what you think about the ones I've listed.


  1. Do you have a list of things it would be fun to make lists about? That would be the best kind of list.

    1. That sounds like an intriguing idea! Thanks for the suggestion.