Monday, July 8, 2013

I Have an Addiction

     Since I am currently writing this on a small mobile device, this is going to be a short one. Sorry to inconvenience the few people who actually read this.

     Lately, I've discovered websites that have the miraculous ability to allow me to watch episodes of shows (please don't tell on me). My new show, what with me being done with Sherlock and Doctor Who, is Big Bang Theory.

     Seeing as this sitcom makes hundreds of nerdy jokes, it would seem natural for me to be attracted to this show. However, for reasons unlisted, I have just barely gotten into the show.

     I'm working on it, though. I lost track, but I'm pretty sure I watched a total of 3+ hours of the show in a single day. After doing the math, that comes out to about 10 episodes, I think.

     Today I'll be at Six Flags, so hopefully I will share some experiences from that tomorrow.

     UNTIL then.

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