Monday, July 22, 2013

Karen Gillan Rant

     For two and a half-ish seasons of Doctor Who, Karen Gillan was my Hollywood crush. From her first appearance in season 5 to the tear-inducing fifth episode of the seventh, Amy Pond was one of my favorite companions. In fact, she pretty much still is.

     But recent events have forced me to move Karen from the top to towards the bottom.

     Karen will be portraying the role of Nebula in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film. Apparently, this female character will be depicted as bald.

     For filming, Karen has simply SHAVED her luscious locks. The red hair that introduced her to me has now left, replacing itself with THIS scarring image.

     I'm sorry. I know there are those of you who think hairless women is a cool "thing," and that it's still attractive. NO WAY. Sorry. Not for me.

     It was one thing for Matt Smith to shave his head. He's a dude. It's ok. His iconic swooshy-style is gone now, but that's ok. Again, he's a man.

     But Karen... oh gosh, why, Karen? There are things called bald caps, you know? Sure, they aren't convincing, but with a movie that'll be mostly CGI, that shouldn't be too hard to fix! Sure, actors/actresses cut their hair short for roles nowadays. But really? 

     I hope she's getting paid many-much-mula for her acting in the film. Whatever she's getting, it better be worth the seven years it'll take to grow back her HEAD.

     I guess, in the end, she'll just end up joining a small club of actresses in my book. She'll just be the newest member to join Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway (Side note: I didn't lose any respect for Hathaway after the scissors. Even if it made her look like a dude.).

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