Monday, June 17, 2013


     Right before I left Idaho, I was forced into participating in a bowling activity with some friends. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to hang out before I left, I just suck at bowling.

     We got there, and for the heck of it, we used different names when we typed in our stats on the bowling computer thingamabob. Everybody chose random names that they thought were funny or in accordance with their personality. Me? I chose "The Doctor."

     We finished the first game, which, by some miraculous stroke of luck, I won. I didn't even use the bumper thingies! I was ridiculously proud of myself.

     For the second game, it was decided to switch our names to match our current desires for a major to attain in college. Of the ones used were psychologist, engineer, etc. I chose architect.

     Game went fine, except I didn't win. Bummer. Didn't think I would, since the first was some freak-of-nature accident. There was probably some solar system with the planets aligned somewhere in the Libra constellation at the time. If not, there is no explanation for my performance.

     The time came for us to return our rented shoes.

     Goodness, I've never seen an old man make such a face.

     The current clerk at the counter read the screen after we told him our lane. I'm fairly certain he labeled us all then and there as juvenile delinquents, since we all had used such weird and blatantly forged identies.

     He was so shocked at first that he refused to ask us to turn in our shoes. Finally, he timidly asked, "Alright, which one of you is the biochemist?"

     I don't think that man has ever seen, or ever see again, a group of people with such weird names. I think he may have been a little senile, or just played along, since he started calling us Mr. "insert title here" as we left.

     "I hope you enjoyed your game Mrs. Biochemist!"

     "Be safe on your ride home Mr. Engineer!"

     Best day of bowling ever.

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