Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Firefly (Not the Bugs)

     Whew! Barely making it today. I wasn't sure I was going to get anything on today, so posting this late at night is cutting it pretty close. Then again, maybe it doesn't count because I'm just writing about the fact that I have nothing to write about.

     Well, I think I'm getting hit by blogger doubt syndrome already. Which is a pretty bad sign, since I've barely even done anything yet. Shoot, even posting this is a jinx, meaning that in all likelihood, this post is going to result in me slowly adjusting to not writing everyday, and then ending all together.

     How to solve this? Excellent question that doesn't matter, since this isn't going to be read by more than three people most likely. Regardless, I think I'll just start to write about random things, even more random then I'm already talking about.

     Did you know that Joss Whedon, director of the acclaimed-by-nerds-and-nots-alike film The Avengers directed and wrote a failed one season series called Firefly. Also, did you know that cowboys in space is flippin' awesome?

     It started about four days ago. I walked in on my aunt and uncle watching a movie called Serenity, which I mistakenly asked what it was.

     They have this state of mind where they question and judge every one of my life choices up to the time. Right now they entered it. Yep.

     They simply couldn't believe that I hadn't seen the movie. Apparently it's amazing.
     Then, when they got over it finally, they said that it was a continuation of a series called Firefly. I said I hadn't seen that either. Second mistake of the night.

     That whole state of mind where they criticize me? Yeah, rushing back.

     Four days later, I finished the season/series (same thing basically, since it got cancelled). I'll admit, I was skeptical at first, but it paid off. It was pretty sweet. Next, I just need to get around to watching the movie. Eat your heart out, relatives.


  1. but why eat my heart if brains are way more tasty. MMM Zombies. rock at this point i have no idea what i'm saying.s:

  2. Mitch, as I slowly stalk my way through, er, I mean read your blog, I'm realizing how amazing you are. Carry on. (I love Firefly.)

  3. Oooo. That was depressing. I checked Google Analytics. Cutting out the spam crawlers, I get exactly "not a lot." Thanks though!

  4. Do I upvote to support you and say 'thanks for checking', or leave blank to show I'm sad you're depressed over your small amount of visitors??...
    *leaves comment*
    (I'm done here. For now. Thanks, Mitch- you're great!!)