Saturday, June 8, 2013

Earning the Title

     I have a confession to make.

     A secret.

     A deep, dark, one.

     One that would make you come after me with torches and pitch forks.

     I've never watched Star Trek.

     I call myself a nerd, but secretly, I've hardly done anything worthy of that title. First and foremost on the list of never-haves is not having watched Star Trek. It would be one thing if I had never watched it and left it at that. But nooooo. I took it too far.

     If someone asks me, for example, "Hey man, have you ever watched Star Trek?"

     I blatantly lie.

     I say yes. Even though I haven't seen a single minute of Star Trek in my life. In fact, the only exposure I've every really had to the show is being around Trekkies, and playing through an hour of a video game my aunt got from Red Box.

     If only that was where my list of nerd-less ventures ended.

     I don't play any card games. It seems that nowadays, card games are generally associated with nerds and geeks, which I tend to proudly classify myself as. I don't play them, though. The most I've ever played a card game was from being taken to Magic tournaments with friends, or playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon as a kid (which, doesn't really count).

     Video games. One of the other many topics related to nerdism is video game playing. Many people are FPS addicts, playing all those Modern Ops and Black Warfare. Even if those two are switched up, or are the same thing, I wouldn't know. That's the extent of my knowledge. In fact, I suck at FPS games. The only one I'm awesome at is Portal, and that doesn't "count," apparently.

     Now that I come to think of it, the list of games that I have fully beaten is as follows: Portal, Portal 2, and Legend of Zelda and the Minish Cap (It exists. I am not crazy). I've played about five minutes of a Spyro game when I was eight, played some Mario Kart, and died in seven minutes on Skyrim (not my copy).

     While writing this, I've come to question my very essence as a nerd. I don't do any of the things that make a nerd, so where do I fit?

     Elementary, my dear Watson. Note, I am well aware that Sherlock Holmes never really said that So don't worry. But honestly, don't call me conceded. I'm pretty sure it's because of my grades.

     If you haven't gauged it by my immaturity already, I'm still a high school student. Buuuuut I'm a freak at my school. I hear people complaining about their geometry homework. That's cool, go ahead. I'm alright with that. I'm not whining about that or saying anything. But then they see me coming. Immediately, they beg me to leave, knowing that I'm three years ahead of them in math. With me there, they feel that their constitutional right to complain is infringed.

     Sigh. Whatever.

     I like math. And English. Aaaaaaand science. Basically all of it. Except history. I suck at history. It is my kryptonite. Anyhoo, apparently not only do I have this weird and sick enjoyment of learning, but compared to everybody else, I'm freakishly able to actually do the work. And that, my non-existent readers, is why I have been labeled a nerd.

     Reject me if you want, but I think I'll stick with that title. 

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  1. I can tell you 1 thing bro(hehe i said bro)you are defiantly smart.c: