Monday, June 24, 2013


     As I mentioned in a previous post, whenever I do chores or work I'll put in my ear buds and listen to Brick.
     I decided that this was too vague of a statement, so I've chosen to give a brief-ish explanation.
     A while back, one of my uncles was upgrading his iPod. He had an iPod Touch, 2nd gen. Now, for all of you people out there with iPhone 17's and Samsung Universes, an iPod Touch (2nd gen) is just absolutely awful, I'm sure. But for a twelve year old kid, that was pretty cool.

     By an amazing stroke of luck, a couple of things happened. First off, this uncle that was upgrading his device is the "fun" uncle. I'm pretty sure everybody has at least one of these. You might like all your relatives (maybe), but there's just a couple of those fun uncles that are just cool. He's one of them.

     Secondly, apparently my fun uncle likes me. Again, not in a gross way, so stop thinking like that.

     Lastly, he's very generous.

     These few things are a recipe for a moment of for-the-win-ness.

     One day, he pulled me aside to talk to me. What it all boiled down to was he was going to give me his iPod Touch as soon as he purchased a replacement. He knew that my family was moving out of state soon though, so he promised to mail it to me.

     DUDE. I was sooo flippin' excited. I was only twelve, and I was gonna have my very own electronic device. I guess that young people having devices is normal now, but at the time it was extremely awesome.

     When I got it, nothing before then had received more care and gentleness. Even babies. Ok, maybe I treated babies better, but it was almost a tie.

     At the beginning, I'd make sure any handler of the device had trimmed fingernails, scrubbed their palms, and signed a legally binding pledge to not damage the object in any way, shape, or form.

     After about two hours of that shenanigans, owners carelessness set in. Setting it on a bed? Just throw it man. Cleaning the screen? Meh, saliva on finger tips is good enough.

     It looked good all the time, though. I wasn't that careless. But, I started to delve into the world of apps and games, and my parents noticed that I spent a lot of time playing Zenonia or Bejeweled.

     After owning the thing for about a eight months, they decided I needed to get rid of it. I was devastated then, but now it doesn't really matter.

     Upon the fateful afternoon, they drove me to the local pawn shop, and sent me in with the instructions to find something to trade it with.

     After wandering the small and dirty aisles of that store, the only thing I found that was kinda close in value was the Zune 30.

     Desperate to leave the dingy building, I just chose this device, and it has been with me ever since. Like Dirtch, I detested it at first. But now, I affectionately call it Brick.

     It hasn't given anybody a concussion yet, but every dog has his day.


  1. I still have a first gen iPod touch...

    1. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that :P I'm just glad I'm not the only one with a non-new device.

  2. it's so true that you call it that.