Friday, June 14, 2013

Doctor Who-ness

     I like Netflix. A lot of people I know tend to give it crap, but it's kind of like Facebook when timeline was introduced. For the first three months, all hell broke loose. Nowadays, if someone starts to complain about it, they're generally ignored.

     Same thing with Netflix, when I hear about it. Most of the incoming info about it was related to prices and splitting up. Boo-hoo. Now, Netflix is Netflix, and oh-blah-di, oh blah-dah. Life goes on.

     Now, however, I've noticed an issue.

     I'm drawing to a close with season six of Doctor Who. Most people, upon first thought, would think nothing more of this. Sweet, he just needs to watch season seven. Woo-hoo.

     Totally kidding on that. No one is going to think that, because next to no one is going to read this. No offense meant to those who actually stumble upon this.

     Netflix doesn't have season seven. Ahem. Let me repeat that.

     Netflix doesn't have season seven.

     Once more?

     Netflix doesn't have season seven.

     I've been watching the show dedicatedly (not a word, now it is) and religiously for the past while, so that I can be caught up once the next season starts up later this year. How is that supposed to happen without season seven on Netflix?

     Now, I suppose that on the slim chance people read this, and on the even slimmer chance that one of you watches shows on the internet, then you'd have advice. Maybe something along the lines of:

     "Oh yes, just go to[puterviruses]."
     "I bet you could find it on[anizedcrime]."
     "I know they have season seven on[ernmentiswatchingyou]."

     I'm probably paranoid, I'd admit it. And I may have accidentally followed links intentionally that may or may not have given me [un]desired things (that is not a confession, unnamed government surveillance agency).

     So where do we go now? I think Google.

     Maybe found a site. Maybe.


  1. Vimeo usually works well, if you don't mind Portuguese subtitles.

  2. i watch Dr.Who on YouTube with other 14 year bro.